Upcoming Shows at Yepez Vineyard

keith hatch | imagesSo Jess and I have some remaining dates to play at the Yepez Vineyard this year. We've had a great time this year, trying out new material, showcasing old material, and playing some of our favorites from other songwriters. We've called this series of shows, "Songs We Wrote & Songs We Wish We Wrote" - and we've genuinely had a blast.

Creativity & Spirituality: The Chicken & Egg

I was so grateful and honored to be a part of the “Out of the Gray” series of interviews that Phil Shepherd recorded with me for The Huffington Post, and then reworked and released on Patheos. It was a great time spent and I enjoyed the rigorous labyrinth of questions I was put through. The questions Phil asked were not simple questions, by any means, and he was kind enough to give me lots of space to consider my answers thoroughly. 


Journeying Into a Creative Existence

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Phil Shepherd for the Huffington Post. A long time friend, Outlaw Theologian and important voice in the Emergent Church movement, Phil has continually pushed the boundaries of traditional, orthodox forms of Christianity while holding true to the core values and heart of the Christian faith and message - love, acceptance and grace.

Ashes, Ashes We All Fall Down

Life is generally lived with a set of illusions we negotiate with the world around us. You know the kind. You're only as old as you feel. We're invincible. "We" are different from "them." We can achieve some sense of stasis where things might forever reside in a place of peace and joy, with pain and discomfort banished safely outside. All very noble illusions indeed, these ideas are safe havens against an otherwise unforgiving reality, it seems.

Detachment & Timing

Each of us has a story. Each of us has a narrative timeline that interweaves through others from time to time but it is our own. My story is my story. The path my life takes past, present and future, is my path. My orbit around the sun. And each of us has our own orbit…our own path of travel…where we’ve been….where we are…where we will be. That is what we call Life. At times, my path crosses others and we travel together for a while. This nourishes us both.

Art-Making in the Trenches

In my life, I have done a number of things that have been arduous and scary. I'm a parent of three, amazing kids. No matter how wonderful they are, parenting is still difficult and frightening, at times. Not because of them, but because of me. I've gone through a difficult divorce. No matter the situation or terms, divorce is a horrible thing and it initiates us into a club we never really wanted to join.

Embracing Your Voice

For twenty years, I've written songs, sketched, painted and created art that appears to be on the dark side of humanity. This has always been frustrating to me. I have more success at writing a song about domestic abuse and murder than one about the stunning beauty of a sunrise. It's not for lack of trying. Hell, I've written countless songs about the beauty of life, the wonder of creation and the awe of the positive energy around us.

Good News, You're Dying

This afternoon, I read an article that listed the top five regrets of the dying. Interestingly enough, "Having not met The Shaeman" wasn't on the list, but I'll let that slide...I mean, we're still new to this thing, right? This list was beautiful, if not sad. So much truth about human existence is wrapped up in that list. Common fears...common regrets....common lives. We're all born into common lives.